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Creative Arts, Music and Sensory Classes


Our Mission to provide our community with opportunities for individual expression through the arts, music and sensory experience.  Castle Art Expressions purpose is to connect people with all abilities to the creative process in a variety of mediums so they can learn more about themselves.  Expressing oneself and conveying emotion is an important aspect of life.  With guidance from our experienced professional staff, self expression can be a joyful learning exercise and less of an intimidating challenge.  Our activities and classes provide unique avenues of expression and skill building for people with all abilities.


Our Students

Young Artists - Children 16-21 year of age

Children over 16 and Adults seeking a 1:1 therapeutic experience 

Small Groups - Up to 6 children or 12 adults seeking recreation

People receiving services through OPWDD

Adults and Children over 16 with Developmental Disabilities

Our Experience

Castle Art Expressions Team has over 30 years experience designing, developing and implementing a wide variety of activities, including arts and crafts, music, ceramics, sensory and movement to enhance the life experiences of our clients and students.  We utilize a multi modality approach to our activities and classes in order to discover the activities that fit our clients best.

Parallel Lines

Our Classes


Castle Art Expressions provides instruction for Children 16-21 and Adults

Choose from weekly, biweekly or monthly hour long classes.

Attend one of our 2.5 hour Specialty Art Workshops


  • Expressive Multimedia Crafts  

  • Recycled and Environmental Sculpture

  • Acrylic Canvass Painting 

  • Watercolor Painting Techniques

  • Weaving and Wearable Art

  • Therapeutic Movement

  • Music and Song

  • Yoga and Zumba Classes


Contact Castle Art Expressions for custom private events: Arty Parties! 




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